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Top Pain Relief CBD

         30% Off Retail Prices


Peppermint or no flavor oil tinctures Full Spectrum & are pure in quality and deliver CBD in doses from 25mg to 350mg (250mg-3500mg). Under the tongue delivery for fast relief.


Gummies  Infused with 20mg of Full Spectrum CBD per gummy,  Gummies taste so good you’ll never miss taking your CBD for the day! THC Free and infused with premium quality CBD, NAYSA CBD 

      WATER           SOLUBLE

Our newest line of water soluble capsules. No more under the tongue delivery. These can be taken like regular pills and just as effective. Full Spectrum & Organic

Pain Relief Products

          30 % Off Retail Prices 

  Relief Rubs

CBD Relief Rubs are uniquely formulated to provide fast-acting targeted relief to aches and discomforts. They are perfect for soothing sore, strained and aching muscles, easing hip, leg and back discomfort, combating tension and stiffness, reducing swelling naturally and aids with sore joints.

   Oral Sprays

Oral absorption is up to 90% effective, allowing your body to utilize nutrients that go directly into the bloodstream and cells within a matter of minutes! 

    Bath Bombs

CBD infused Bath Bombs in three flavors: Stress Relief, Relaxing & Sleep in 100gram bars.


Breakfast Blend and Vanilla Caramel flavors
30mg of CBD per K-Cup® Rich, invigorating taste
Promotes feeling alert, calm & focus
Aids in relief of minor discomforts
Reduces anxious feelings
Provides benefits of caffeine without the jitters

CBD for Pets

CBD Pet products are made with full-spectrum hemp oil. They are pesticide-free and all natural with no synthetic fillers or preservatives. They are vegan friendly,


gluten-free, non-GMO and contain no alcohol. 

Combats stress and anxious feelings, Relieves discomforts, Evokes a sense of calmness. Helps with recovery after injury Supports joint health
Improves coat and skin condition
Promotes better sleep

Rife 101 Frequency

Rife Frequency Generator Machine

Pain is not fun, disease isn’t fun, ailments aren’t fun.


Improving your immune system may be the most important thing you can do for survival.


Rife frequency generators have been evaluated for various uses for the last 90 years. Check out the video or click the Rife page.

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